VIP Services

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In Sochi airport operate VIP rooms, where specially trained staff provides personal service category VIP passengers.


In the VIP rooms provided additional services for businessmen, the participants of various official functions. Premises Sochi airport VIP rooms, working around the clock, isolated from the terminal and other facilities have separate exit gate.

In the VIP rooms made design:

  • First passengers, business and economic classes airlines, contracting for services with OAO “Sochi International Airport”;
  • under treaties with third-party organizations;
  • the crews and passengers of business and business aviation;
  • on-time applications.

Delivery passenger aircraft carried out on the ladder spetstransporte airport.

Over the halls of the installed user fee (collection) for VIP, as implemented on the spot, and so on cashless settlement, according to Price List.

In addition to us, there is VIP lounge (ZOLiD).

In ZOLiD services produced RF ambassadors accredited in foreign countries, members of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation, the State Duma of the Russian Federal Assembly, judges of the Constitutional Court of Russia, Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation, full holders of the decoration of Glory, opinion leaders and other officials and accompanying them under the approved list.

In ZOLiD served passengers with tickets for a specific flight on the day of departure as well as provozhayuschie and enjoy their officials.

At a passenger in ZOLiD additional services provided under the Price Lista

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