Ticket Registration and Baggage Control

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Departing passengers can complete Ticket Registration and Baggage Control in the following areas:

  • in pavilions #2, 3
  • in Business Hall
  • VIP rooms
  • in the hall officials and delegations (ZOLiD)
  • Luxury in the hall;
  • Passengers departing on International flights — in the Pavilion of “International Airlines”.

Registration tickets and baggage clearance of passengers departing to the cities of Russia begins to 1 hour 30 minutes (when applying IL-86 and on international flights for 2 hours) and ends for 40 minutes (on aircraft An-24 and Yak-40 in 30 minutes) to the time of departure time indicated in the air tickets, except as otherwise determined by the rules of the airline.

After pre-screening and control, travelers can pack their belongings to be submitted to the baggage. Luggage packing is available around the clock.