Airport History

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Airport Adler was founded in 1945 for flight and maintenance-speed aircraft Li-2, Il-12. The need for education was caused by the development of the airport to the Black Sea resort coast with the center in the city of Sochi. The headquarters and service airport located in a single house, an area of 20 meters. Air traffic management is delivered in the command and the radio direction finder only during daylight hours. During the summer, the point to 7 flights over in 1946 was sent to all 17036 passengers.

In 1956, construction of the terminal building and runway runway-1, the airport began regular flights Sun Il-12, Il-14, and with the 1960-IL-18 and AN-10 significantly increased transport, improved technology and culture passenger service, the airport equipped with modern communications and air traffic control.

For the successful implementation of 7-year plan, a significant increase in air service, development of new technology, aircraft maintenance and air decree of the government of August 15, 1966 Staff of Sochi airport awarded the “Order of the Red Banner of Labor.”

From 1971 to 1980 years happening further development of the company: the airport equipped with modern lighting equipment “D-2″, “radio Narva-SD”, “page”, entered into service: Automated System ATC “Start”, “centralized refueling aircraft Flux-70 , “an automated system sales and booking” Sirena “, VAL spetspavilon, renovated runway-1, taxiway and apron, successfully developed services Sun Tu-154, Yak-40.

From 1980 to 1990 years Sochi airport, providing a rhythmic work that has continued to develop its facilities and production capacity: introduced into service passenger Pavilions № 2, № 3, profilaktory LPS at 350 seats, the new space agency in Sochi and Adler, extended runway -1 reconstruction landing aids and air traffic control, for the reception of 86. Since 1982, successfully utilized maintenance Sun Il-86, which began regular flights to Sochi. In 1990, a maximum amount of traffic intensity flights up to 180 sorties a day.

In 1991 to 1998, at the airport terminal complex under construction, capacity 2500 Passenger / h, RD and reconstructed gate, a passenger zone facilities, warehouses GSM DITC mance and maintenance of aircraft of all types, including foreign.