Russian Rock-Stars Perform at London Olympics

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The Sochi 2014 Cultural Olympiad and the RED ROCKS festival brought the most popular Russian as well as Ukrainian rock stars to the Summer Games in London. Two concerts took place during the Games; one last 28 July, following the Opening Ceremony for the Games and the second on the 11 August, prior to the Closing Ceremony. Visitors to Russia.Sochi.Park in Kensington Gardens will be able to hear music from Garik Sukachev, Mumy Troll, the bands Bi-2, Vopli Vidopliassova and Okean Elzi. Guests at the concerts in London will also have the chance to record a Fans' Anthem for the upcoming Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.

The RED ROCKS festival and the Sochi 2014 Cultural Olympiad flew over to London to support Russia's Olympic team. The live music will excite sports fans and give Londoners and visitors to the City a chance to listen to some of the best music acts in Russia.

Last 28 July, Mumy Troll, Garik Sukachev and Vopli Vidopliassova performed on the stage in Russia.Park. Mumy Troll is a legendary group from Vladivostok. Ilya Lagutenko, Mummy Troll’s lead singer, describes the band’s sound as "pop rock". London is particularly important to the band as it is where the majority of their albums were recorded. Festival-goers will enjoy songs from their first English-language album, "Vladivostok", released earlier this year.

Other performers include Garik Sukachev and the Untouchables, who sang their greatest hits and the Ukrainian group Voply Vidopliassova performed a fusion of folk music and punk-rock in addition to their high-energy on-stage routines.

On 11 August, Okean Elzi, Bi-2 and MACHETE will also take to the stage. Okean Elzi is a chart-topping band from Lvov that has secured a number of hits in both Ukraine and in Russia. The band’s live shows are notorious for their energy. Other performers include Bi-2 and MACHETE, the new project from musician Yaroslav Maly that has already gained thousands of fans and millions of online listeners.

Guests at all RED ROCKS concerts will have chance to record their own tracks and send them to the online library for the RED ROCKS "Music of the future" project. This project is great opportunity for anyone whose has dreamed of writing their own music. A fans’ national anthem will be created using the samples that have been submitted and will be sung at the Olympic Games in Sochi.