Olympic Flame Will Leave Earth Before 2014 Winter Games

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Russia is going to send the Olympic Flame to space as part of the traditional relay prior to the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi city, Russia.

­"Russia was the first country 50 years ago to send a man into outer space,” Alexander Zhukov, president of the Russian Olympic Committee, told the RIA-Novosti news agency. “Now we have the chance to be the first nation to send the Olympic Flame to outer space, and we are proud of that."

More than 14,000 torchbearers will take part in the 120-day-long relay, which will see the Olympic Flame covering 28,000 kilometers and nine time zones.

The sacred Olympic fire will also be brought to the highest mountain in Europe, Mount Elbrus, and also  to the bottom of the deepest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Baikal.

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International Olympic committee gives approval to Sochi facilities

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Olympic inspectors have been checking construction for the Sochi 2014 Games, and the chief of the IOC delegation says good progress is being made in the preparations.

­With construction in the southern Russian city now entering the final phase, the Olympic facilities are beginning to take shape. Among them are a stadium for 15,000 spectators, two ski-jump ramps and a media village for over 2,500 journalists.

The members of the IOC delegation, who arrived here for a brief working visit, said these venues are particularly important. These sites will leave a wonderful legacy long after the Sochi Olympic Games end, declared Jean-Claude Killy, the head of the delegation and legendary French skier.

“What’s happening here is absolutely tremendous. We have never seen [anything] like this,” he said. “This valley is going to be turned into a terrific resort destination.”

“Our responsibility in the IOC is to develop sports throughout the world. This is exactly what’s going on here,” Killy continued. “We should look at it all the way through 2014, but this is just the beginning of it, because life here will really start after the Games.”

Next year this valley near Sochi will host 19 world-class sporting events, giving the venues a thorough trial before the facilities will be used for their primary purpose.


Sochi begins 1,000-day countdown for Winter Olympics

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With only 1,000 days left until the 2014 Winter Olympics, officials in Russia's resort city of Sochi are working round the clock as well as pulling out all the stops to wow competitors and spectators alike.


Olympic Security Issues for Sochi 2014

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On a giant construction site, you will find an ice hockey stadium is being bouilt together; there's a skating arena shrouded in scaffolding, and the wasteland in front will soon be a curling centre.

This is the venue for the 2014 Winter Games.Sochi. Although there's a lot to be built, it is not the sporting facilities that is Russia's biggest concern right now - it is security.

At one of the checkpoints, a scanning machine resembling a car wash passes over a lorry delivering building materials. It is searching for traces of explosive.


Sochi Winter Olympics plans right on track

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The 2014 Winter Olympics organizing committee expect that all construction work will be completed by next year, according to Russia's deputy prime minister Dmitry Kozak last Tuesday.

Kozak said that they are completely sure that they can finish the sports facilities next year during a meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.


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