After London Olympics, Sochi 2014 is ready to step into the spotlight

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The city of Sochi is ready for the spotlight as host of the world's next major sporting event after the London Olympics, 2014 Winter Games chief Dmitry Chernyshenko said on Sunday.


Sochi Plans to Learn One Word Each Day for Olympics

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Sochi authorities have decided to step up their preparation for the influx of foreigners for the 2014 Olympics — by teaching its residents one word each day until the games are held.

The project, called Word of the Day, hopes to teach the populace a total of 662 words.


Smoking-Free Sochi Games

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In order to promote good health and to follow their “smoking-free Games” strategy, the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee has placed a “No smoking” sign in the Olympic Park on March 30th.  With the support of the World Health Organization (WHO), Sochi will be the twelfth consecutive Olympic Games to be free of cigarette smoke.  More than 155,000 athletes, sports delegation representatives and volunteers will be protected every day by this policy.

It was considered a ceremonious event when the head of the WHO representative office in Russia, Mr. Luigi Migliorini personally placed the official sign when he was visiting the Olympic venues, still under construction.  He also attended a seminar on sustainable development entitled “Managing tobacco denial and the creation of smoke free medical institutions,” a discussion of the most effective actions and methods to deter smoking during the upcoming Games.

Smoking will be prohibited at all Olympic and Paralympic venues.  There will be designated smoking areas are strategically placed outside the territory so as not to discomfort non-smoking guests and participants.  Smoking will also be banned in all bars and restaurants in Olympic Park.  No tobacco will be sold in any of the Olympic venues, and the Organizing Committee’s no-smoking policy will be broadcast throughout the events.

During his seminar, WHO representative Migliorini emphasized his commitment to the smoking-ban and praised the significant progress in Sochi’s anti-smoking legislation, specifically citing the improvements at medical institutions in the Krasnodar region.


Bolshoi Ice Dome Impresses Ice Hockey Chiefs

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The Bolshoi Ice Dome, Sochi's ice hockey stadium for the 2014 Winter Olympics, has garnered so much praise – from the International Ice Hockey Federation's (IIHF) Facility Committee.

Led by IIHF vice-president Kalervo Kummola, members of the Committee, visited a number of Olympic venues, including the ice dome, during the trip.

IIHF Facility Committee secretary Cornelia Ljungberg labelled the ice dome (pictured) "amazing".

"It was half-done, there's still work to do on the inside, but on the outside it looks quite ready and the plaza in front was very impressive," she enthused.

"This was a very encouraging visit as we are very confident that not only will everything be ready for the Olympics, but the main hockey venue will be ready [for hockey] one year ahead of the Olympic tournament," said Kummola.

The 12,000-capacity ice dome is set to be ready for operation by September.


IIHF Committee Amazed at Sochi's Progress

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The chairman and IIHF Vice-President Kalervo Kummola as well as members of the IIHF Facility Committee, recently attended a meeting in Sochi that included a tour of the Olympic sites. Of particular interest was the Bolshoi Ice Dome, the main hockey venue for the Games.


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