As Sochi's gateway to the world, Sochi Airport is amazingly well connected. Whether you get here by air, road or rail, our travel pages will help you to your destination.

By Air

Regular flights from Moscow arrive in Sochi daily; the flight time is approximately two hours. Most major cities in Russia also serve Sochi. Read more about Flights to Sochi Airport

Nearby Airports

Krasnodar, Russia

Located just 2-3 hours driving from Sochi, Krasnodar has a large airport with frequent flights from Russian as well as international cities. Airport code: KRR

By Road

By Car - paid parking is availble at the airport

By Public Transportation

By Taxi

By Train

There are several trains from Moscow arriving daily in Sochi. Traveling by train to Sochi from Moscow can take anywhere from 26 to 32 hours (depending on the type of train) and cost $100 to $200 USD. No advance reservation for train is usually required. Tickets for train can be purchased at the railway station.

By Ferry

Travelers from Georgia and Turkey can travel to and from Sochi by ferry or hydrofoil. Trabzon, Turkey to Sochi has daily ferry service depending on the season. The others only make the trip once to three times a week. A trip from Istanbul to Sochi on a ferry can take a 12 hours.

Airport Information

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Sochi International Airport (IATA: AER) is an airport located in Adler District of the resort city of Sochi on the Black Sea coast in Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

The airport serves primarily Russian holiday makers on their way to resorts in the Greater Sochi area, Russia’s top domestic leisure destination.

The airport is likely to see significant growth in traffic in the coming years as tourist infrastructure in the Greater Sochi area expands in preparation for 2014 Winter Olympics.


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