As Sochi's gateway to the world, Sochi Airport is amazingly well connected. Whether you get here by air, road or rail, our travel pages will help you to your destination.

By Air

Regular flights from Moscow arrive in Sochi daily; the flight time is approximately two hours. Most major cities in Russia also serve Sochi. Read more about Flights to Sochi Airport

Nearby Airports

Krasnodar, Russia

Located just 2-3 hours driving from Sochi, Krasnodar has a large airport with frequent flights from Russian as well as international cities. Airport code: KRR

By Road

By Car - paid parking is availble at the airport

By Public Transportation

By Taxi

By Train

There are several trains from Moscow arriving daily in Sochi. Traveling by train to Sochi from Moscow can take anywhere from 26 to 32 hours (depending on the type of train) and cost $100 to $200 USD. No advance reservation for train is usually required. Tickets for train can be purchased at the railway station.

By Ferry

Travelers from Georgia and Turkey can travel to and from Sochi by ferry or hydrofoil. Trabzon, Turkey to Sochi has daily ferry service depending on the season. The others only make the trip once to three times a week. A trip from Istanbul to Sochi on a ferry can take a 12 hours.

Ticket Registration and Baggage Control

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Departing passengers can complete Ticket Registration and Baggage Control in the following areas:

  • in pavilions #2, 3
  • in Business Hall
  • VIP rooms
  • in the hall officials and delegations (ZOLiD)
  • Luxury in the hall;
  • Passengers departing on International flights — in the Pavilion of “International Airlines”.

Registration tickets and baggage clearance of passengers departing to the cities of Russia begins to 1 hour 30 minutes (when applying IL-86 and on international flights for 2 hours) and ends for 40 minutes (on aircraft An-24 and Yak-40 in 30 minutes) to the time of departure time indicated in the air tickets, except as otherwise determined by the rules of the airline.

After pre-screening and control, travelers can pack their belongings to be submitted to the baggage. Luggage packing is available around the clock.


Boarding Procedures

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The procedure for boarding domestic flights:

The procedure for boarding international flights:

  • Immigration control
  • Customs control
  • Tickets Registration and baggage control
  • Pre-control and baggage screening
  • Border controls
  • Pre-control and screening of passengers and hand luggage.
  • Waiting for plane arrival
  • Boarding the plane

Not pre-screened passengers will not be allowed to board the plane!



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Sochi Airport provides a number of valuable services to travelers

  • Tickets registration and baggage processing
  • The Customs
  • The Immigration control
  • Transport regulations of Pets
  • The list of prohibited articles and substances
  • Room for mothers and children
  • Services for unaccompanied minors
  • Services for sick passengers and passengers with disabilities
  • VIP Services
  • Additional Services

Airport Parking

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Temporary guarded parking is available for personal vehicles at the Sochi Airport. Paid parking at the Sochi Airport is divided into four areas:

Paid Public Parking

Through automatic mechanical barriers to the issuing of parking tickets (smart cards). The cost of parking more than 10 minutes. - 50 rubles per hour. Payment is made through automatic teller terminals installed on near entrance to the Square.

Free Public Parking

Parking at the public parking under 10 minutes is free.

Business Launge Parking

Daily guarded parking lot. Cost per car: 100 rubles.
Admission to the parking implemented with the availability.

Public Transportation Parking

Only for public transportation (buses, taxis block).  For large buses (recreation, hotels, etc.) for a meeting organized groups of passengers (by prior agreement with the leadership of the enterprise).

VIP Parking

Upon presentation of a badge issued by the sample set JSC “International Airport Sochi” or provisional application.  Cost per car: 50 rubles per hour


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