Sochi 2014 Revive Youth Volunteering


About two years from now, the Olympic Winter Games will be hosted by Russia for the first time in its resort city, Sochi. No doubt that many extraordinary athletes will be participating and making sport history in Sochi city. This will inspire young people in Russia as well as around the globe to take up winter sports in the spirit of the Olympics.

The true legacy of Sochi 2014, however, is about bringing a deep change within Russian culture. Through the Sochi 2014 volunteers movement, thousands of young and enthusiastic Russians are reintroducing volunteering into Russian society, something that has been absent for far too long. Volunteers come together from all parts of the community, to build projects and celebrate being an active citizen.

Previously, Russians think of volunteering as a way of demonstrating their sense of responsibility towards society - by aiding those in need and building community structures. Philanthropy was encouraged on many levels; but during the Soviet times the attitude towards individual volunteering changed dramatically. Currently there are only between 5% to 9% of Russians involved in volunteering, in comparison to an average of approximately 30% in other European countries. Slowly, the attitude towards volunteering is changing again in the country, and this change is driven to a large extent by enthusiastic young people.

The volunteering vision of Sochi 2014 was a determining factor in the International Olympic Committee’s decision to award the Olympic Winter Games to Sochi city. Certainly, Sochi 2014 will live up to its promises. 25,000 volunteers from across Russia will be the “face” of the Winter Games to the world. They all want to help make the Games a success and share their pride in their country by embracing the international community who will visit our city in February 2014. The ultimate goal is to inspire millions to join the revived volunteer movement across Russia, making a meaningful contribution to society that will leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Youth volunteers for the Olympic Winter Games will come from every corner of Russia. From Arkhangelsk to Pyatigorsk, Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok and of course in Sochi.