No Stopping Sochi 2014 Preparations


With roughly less than three-and-a-half years to go before the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games, Vladislav Sandursky of the Olympstroi Corporation mentioned that the Olympic construction is in a very active stage now, reports

"We currently have about 48,000 construction workers and over 4,500 units of building machinery. Work is in full swing with about 140 facilities simultaneously under construction. We have been almost through the total design stage, and most of the projects have already passed technical expertise. On many sites construction has entered the final stage".

He also said that, "All fundamental decisions have been made on all Olympic facilities, except the main stadium. What it will ultimately look like is still unclear. This will depend on the scenario of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies - how the Olympic flame will be lit, and so on.

"The Organizing Committee wants this to be something very special. Various options are being considered for the tribunes and the roof. While these and other details are being finalized, construction of the stadiums' key elements is proceeding at full speed".