New Flavors Made For Official Sochi 2014 Chocolates

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The Sochi 2014 Ambassadors team together with Italian chef Roberto Bruno has created Sochi 2014 sweets dedicated to the first Russian Winter Games in an improvised chocolate lab. After tasting four versions of sweets with different flavors the two favorites were selected. The winners were determined by votes from the creators. These sweets will go on sale across the country under the Sochi 2014 brand in May 2013.

The makers of the Sochi 2014 chocolates had a difficult task as they sought to convey through the taste of the chocolates the whole range of emotions and experiences that await Olympic Sochi guests. For this, confectioners originally prepared several dozen varieties of fillings. Of these flavors, four versions were selected that best of all deliver the taste and character of the Games in Sochi, the hottest Winter Games in Olympic history: "cranberry and honey", "mandarin and sea-buckthorn", "walnut and grape" and "almond and strawberry".

At the final stage Sochi 2014 Ambassadors figure skaters Olympic medalists Irina Slutskaya and Oksana Domnina, and singer Diana Gurtskaya, under the supervision of Roberto Bruno, had to create "sweet Olympic history" with their own hands by making a trial batch of unique chocolates with these four flavors. The Sochi 2014 Ambassadors then voted and selected, in their opinion, the two most successful flavors: "cranberry and honey" and "mandarin and sea-buckthorn".

For the winners of the competition, they will soon come up with names for the sweets, and in May this year, they will go on sale across the country under the Sochi 2014 brand. Sochi 2014 licensee LLC "Moskovskaya orekhovaya Kompania" will be responsible for their manufacturing and distribution. Everyone will have the opportunity to try the Olympic sweets and get closer to the main celebration of 2014.